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The JamesNetwork Awards

The first JamesNetwork Awards will be held on June 13, 2019! The nominees will be announced on May 26 as well as voting. You can vote until May 6, 2019! All content made from September 2014 - May 25, 2019 are up for nominations.

That means the complete 2nd season of In Ten Words or Less are up for nominations. In addition the Student Council special: Graduation (airing May 23) can be nominated too. Finally, the upcoming short "Two of a Kind" will also be up for nominations.

Below the ten categories list for this year's awards:

Best Scripted Series

Best Variety Series

Best Short


Best Leading Actor/Actress in a Scripted Series

Best Featured Actor/Actress in a Scripted Series

Best Actor in a Variety Show

Best Actor/Actress in a Short

Best Episode of a Scripted Series

Best Episode of a Variety Show

Best Song Cover in a Short or Series

Best Produced Short or Series

Best Special of a Series

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